Tuesday, 4 February 2014

2014 Palace - Brighton bike ride ........DATE ANNOUNCED

Hello All,

The bike ride this year will be on the 14th September 2014.

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James www.ironsnook.co.uk

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Only two weeks to go

The route is planned.

Sponsorship is flying in.

The REMF riders are all getting as many miles on the saddle in as possible ahead of our ride.

If you are feeling generous please sponsor us and help support this great cause.

Only two weeks to go

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Not long to go now................

But there are still places left on the bike ride.

Please get in touch ASAP if you want to attend, as there will be many updates over the coming weeks and I need your email to keep you in the loop.



Monday, 1 July 2013

The organising team for the bike ride are meeting up this week, so we should have a good update for you all later this week regarding the plan for the REMF ride.

In the mean time, please see below for a write up of training ride I did this weekend.


Wiggle South Downs Epic

I woke up the morning of the Wiggle South Downs Epic feeling awful.  Hardly slept at all as it was so damn hot, and seeming to be feeling a minor hamstring niggle and a not so minor Achilles injury much more than I usually do.  Never the less I headed off to the train station with high hopes of a good time.  Gold standard in the Wiggle is under 3hrs 9 minutes, which over 28 miles averages out to around 9 miles per hour.  Seems achievable, but with my super supportive mates telling me “there is no chance” and “you will do well to do it in under 4 hours” I must admit my confidence was not so high.

Following a quick scoot along the coastal line to Barnham, I departed the train for a quick 3 mile ride to the start.  Meeting up with Andy, registering and getting my gear in order took no time, and before we knew it we were on the start line ready and raring to go.  After a mile or so on tarmac we had a short steep climb, and then onto the off road stuff.  I was chatting away to Andy, only to realise after about 5 minutes that it wasn’t him and was somebody else.  Figuring I must have lost him on the climb (I tend to climb faster than him over the short drags) I set about maintaining a reasonable pace with the thought of a gold standard still in my head.

The Wiggle heads through some unbelievable countryside, with some very steep climbs (had to get off my bike and push on the first one) and some super fast downhill rocky sections which punish your forearms and grip immensely.  Having no idea how far we had gone I spotted somebody with a GPS and asked, and he said just over 10 miles.  Also having no idea how long we had been riding, I pushed again but sadly felt my back twinge majorly at this point.  Having had a back operation a few years ago, this does happen sometimes.  In all honesty I was unsure whether to keep going as it wasn’t getting better, but then remembering I had some Co-Codamol in my bag I munched a few of those and 20 minutes later was feeling much better.

Arriving at the feeding station I filled my water bottle, munched a flapjack and jumped straight back on the bike.  I had covered the 17 miles to there in about 2 hours, so felt that the gold standard was within my grasp.  Sadly the route didn’t quite agree with me, as shortly after the feeding station there was an uphill that only the most hardcore bikers managed to ride up.  I was not one of these, and pushing my bike up took an absolute age.  When arriving at the top I gunned it down a very fast rocky downhill, making up for lost time and ignoring the pain in my back that seemed to be flaring up again.  For a second time the course was against me, as my rear got a flat at the bottom of the downhill. 

Changing inners has never been a speciality of mine, and after at least 30 minutes of messing about I eventually got it changed and pumped up and headed on my way again.  Luckily this break had rejuvenated me, and I felt great as I rounded the corner to see a lady in a high-vis jacket shouting at me that I only had a mile left, and no more hills (thank God). 

Crossing the line I knew that I had not made sub 3hrs 9mins, but was confident I had made sub 4 hours, and I set about cleaning my bike hoping that Andy would be soon behind me, which he was.  We met up with the WAG’s who were waiting at the finish, discussed how I need to practice changing my inner tubes at home before the next ride (as if I am ever gonna do that) and then my wife and I headed round to my mother-in-laws for a well deserved bottle of Corona (or three)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Sponsorship is now rolling in, and we also have the honour of a former Gullys Girl, Jo Wilson joining us for the bike ride.

Jo's Just Giving page can be found here https://www.justgiving.com/JoJo-GullysGirls/

If having a Gullys Girl within our team doesn't inspire some people to donate I have no idea what will.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fundraising off to a good start

Fundraising has started well, with a very generous £100 donation made anonymously from a user on North Stand Chat.

If you are interested in taking part in the bike ride, please can you email snook4charity@gmail.com to sign up and more information will be sent out via email shortly.